SpiderTed Books

About SpiderTed

SpiderTed Books is a fan review site that reviews fiction and art in a slightly unusual way. Not necessarily a particularly helpful way, but we'll see.

Instead of 1-5 star ratings, SpiderTed reviews give creative works a separate rating from -1 to +1 on different axes. There is no overall score. There is only an appraisal of what kind of work it is, and how well the SpiderTed reviewers think it does certain jobs.

A purely magical Fantasy would score 0 for science, which is fine: it's not trying to do science and includes none. An SF book could get a positive score for science if the science (known or speculative) is consistent and helps the story. It could get a negative score for science if it does known science All Wrong.

There will also be author pages, and downloads of free ebooks.

Pete Alex Harris Writes short horror, SFF novels. Pete's Page

None yet, still working on it.